Simplex Spelling HD Dolch Sight Words with Reverse Phonics

Reviewed by Tobi Price, assistant school principal.

This was the third app from the Simplex family that I have had the opportunity to try. I was pleasantly surprised once again. The developers really listen to the feedback sent in from users. They have added and made changes based on the feedback they received.

The simplex apps are designed to help your kids learn how to spell. They feature lessons that let them work through at their own pace. An additional feature I like in this app is a pulsing speech button. If a child takes too long or begins to get distracted the button flashes to encourage you to listen to the lesson and helps you stay on task. Which I believe is great, because my kids are easily distracted.

This app has a few features that as a parent and educator I feel are a must have. The first is that there are no in app purchases, no links to social media or pop up ads. Next, as a teacher, I like that you can set up to 40 different users in the app & it will track their progress. So everyone in your class can use one iPad and work on the app.

I like the way you can go through the word lists and see which ones are going to be tested. You can start a student with an easy or difficult lesson. You could also use the app to meet a student’s specific spelling needs. The lessons are labeled so you can match the lesson with the student’s needs.

I wanted to give this one a true test and put my 6 year old and my 8 year old on it with no help. They have played the other two apps and I wanted to see if they could do this one by themselves. It was a success. My 6 year old set up her own user account and began going through lesson one on her own. She even convinced her brother to come help.

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