My DPS by The Language Express, Inc.
Reviewed by Jessica Lawson.

My DPS(Digital Problem Solver) is an application that focuses on emotions and coping
strategies using animated videos. It is a customizable app as well, allowing you to add
your own pictures and coping techniques.
There are 8 feelings included in this app.
There are four coping strategies.
*Use Positive Self-Talk
*Take Five Deep Breaths
*Take a Break to Calm Down
*Remind Myself to Keep Negative Thoughts In My Head

Using the app
Upon opening the app, you are taken to a main screen that includes a song about
feelings as well as calming music. You simply touch the screen to start. You are then
prompted to scroll through the app to choose a picture that shows how you feel. The
animations are well done and there is text on each of the eight pictures describing the
emotion. Once you choose the feeling, you are then directed to choose a coping
strategy to calm down. You may choose from one of four strategies. When the coping
strategy is chosen you are taken to a short animated video of a social scene depicting
the character utilizing the coping mechanism. Written praise and verbal reinforcements
are given at the end of each video.

To customize the app you simply press the plus sign on any page and you can take a
picture or choose one from your camera roll. You can add your own pictures of feelings
or coping strategies and include any text you want. You have the option to delete
pictures as well.

My DPS is a good app that teaches valuable skills relating to emotions and coping
strategies. This app is easy to use and customize to show a range of emotions. The
animations and video quality are nicely done. The music is a nice touch as well.

It would be great to have spoken text for non readers. The pictures of emotions may be
difficult to understand for those who struggle with recognizing emotions. Spoken text
would also make it easier to select a coping strategy for those who can’t read. It would
also be nice to have the option to add video as well as pictures for the coping strategies.

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