From the makers of the hit preschool app Zoo Train! Bug Games is a collection of fun-filled learning games featuring bees, butterflies, ants, worms and all the cute critters that little kids love. Help the ant colony build their underground tunnel… count numbers with the connect-the-dots spider… play a song with the musical cricket trio… build words with your busy bee friends to release the butterfly from its chrysalis… plus lots of sticker rewards to keep kids engaged!

Featuring full interactivity, colorful art, engaging game play, and charming sounds and music, Bug Games is a great way to keep your child learning while they have fun. No reading is required, and the interaction is intuitive enough for any child to jump in and start learning without help.

* Select a song to watch and hear the crickets sing in harmony
* …or touch each cricket to step through the song on your own!

* Touch each tunnel piece to rotate it, and figure out how to complete each puzzle
* …then watch and listen as the ants march in line through the completed tunnel!

* Connect the numbers in the correct order
* …and reveal what the friendly spider has caught!

* Drag the letters to spell the word, and hear a phonic pronunciation of each letter and of the completed word
* …and then watch a butterfly emerge from its chrysalis!

* Plus lots of stickers to reward for a job well done.

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