I wonder what they’re thinking….Touch the photo to hear the answer – or make up your own response!

This engaging App for iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod touch® includes all 60 clever photos from the Webber® Photo Cards What Are They Thinking? card deck by Super Duper® Publications. Use the App to improve your students’ inferencing, reasoning, and conversational skills. All the people and animals in these fun cards have thought bubbles above their heads. Touch the screen to hear all of the thoughts or touch one thought bubble to hear just that character’s thought. Hit the refresh button to hear a new thought for each bubble. Ready to move on to the next card? Just slide the card to the side to progress.

Choose to have the student listen to 180 entertaining “thoughts,” or have the student answer each “What are they thinking?” question. This App can track data for all correct and incorrect responses. It also collects data for one student at a time and allows you to view and email those results.

Use the “What Are They Thinking?” App to:

• Introduce new grammatical structures.
• Practice articulation and fluency skills.
• Teach storytelling.
• Increase sentence length.
• Motivate and train students to use a touch screen.
• Encourage non-verbal students to use speech.

Price at time of review $3.99

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