This fun storybook app is about the day Little Grey Mouse decides to be FIERCE.
He dreams of wild animals, he does his exercises, eats his porridge, and drinks his milk;
He practices the all important roaring and pouncing skills too.
But what happens when his friends, Edie the duck and Kay the piglet want to play with Little Grey Mouse and only find Fierce Grey Mouse?

This fun 27-page e-book is developed for children and everybody who still feels like a kid and is full of interactive surprises. The animations and sounds will fascinate your youngster and cause plenty of giggles along the way!

★ Tap on each animal on every pages to make them move, pounce, roar, squeak, exercise and play.
★ Touch the box of porridge and the bottle of milk to get the oats and milk to flow
★ Touch the wild animals for some ferocious roaring and other effects.
★ Move your device to let the mouse swing in his tree
★ Make the chicken run and see if you can get the mouse to catch her

★ Interactive and colourful animations on every page
★ Each page is uniquely hand-drawn and painted by award winning illustrator Chantal Bourgonje
★ 2 font types: the cut out font for a fun look and a standard font for easy reading
★ Narration in 3 different languages (English, Spanish and Dutch)
★ English version has 5 separate narrations (Great Britain, North American, Australian, New Zealand, and Irish)
★ Child’s voice (Daisy) narration option
★ You can change the language and the font of the story in the options screen in the middle of the story
★ There are sounds and animations on every page of the storybook
★ Option to mute reading voice while still hearing the core sounds of the book.
★ 2 colouring pages
★ 2 level memory matching game

★ The language of the book automatically sets to the language of your preset iPad language
★ This can be changed in the “Options” menu
★ Swipe the pages right to left to go to the next page or swipe to the right to return to the previous page.
★ We have included directional arrows for those little fingers that may have trouble swiping.
★ Touch the objects in the book, like Fierce Grey Mouse, his friends, or any of the other animals and objects to discover sounds and animations.

Price at time of review $2.99

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