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TouchChat HD for iPad*

This special version of TouchChat HD is bundled with the WordPower series of AAC vocabularies designed by Nancy Inman. WordPower24 is a word-based vocabulary that allows for easy and intuitive communication. WordPower24 with Phrases incorporates phrases for easier language generation.

TouchChat is a full featured communication solution for individuals who have difficulty using their natural voice. TouchChat is designed for individuals with Autism, Down Syndrome, ALS, apraxia, stroke, or other conditions that affect a person’s ability to use natural speech.

TouchChat fits into the category assistive technology known as Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) products and includes many features that were previously only available in much more expensive solutions on dedicated devices. Words, phrases and messages are spoken with a built-in voice synthesizer or by playing recorded message. Five English synthesized voices are available, allowing you to choose a voice that meets your own personality. TouchChat also has a unique feature whereby one can simply tilt the device to make the message expand to fill the entire screen in large letters. This feature allows a person to communicate silently or to communicate in noisy environments.

TouchChat gives an individual the ability to navigate through page sets and speak messages. Page sets are linked pages, each of which is divided into a number of buttons. The buttons are programmed to have specific actions. For example, buttons may be programmed to speak a message, navigate to a different page, change the volume, clear the display, etc. Four page sets are included with the TouchChat: VocabPC, MultiChat-15, Primary and Spelling. Each page set targets individuals with different communication needs. Additional page sets including Essence are available as in-app purchases.

The pages, grid layout, buttons, messages, and symbols are fully customizable. You can modify the provided page sets or create your own. Select from over 30 button actions when creating new buttons. Over 10,000 Symbolstix symbols are included for customizing buttons. You can also use your own images or take photos with the built-in camera. Gestures can also be used to navigate to new pages, speak messages, etc.

TouchChat enables you to subscribe to iShare, an online server where you can share customized pages with an online community.

TouchChat has been inspired by Saltillo Corporation’s ChatPC product line. TouchChat page sets can be transferred to Saltillo’s ChatPC and ALT-Chat devices.

*iPhone and iPod users should purchase TouchChat-AAC for iPhone and iPod.

What’s new

– A bug that caused some grammar functions to operate improperly on words that end with a ‘y’ or an ‘e’ has been resolved.

– An issue that caused capitalized words to be spoken when the “Speak Words” setting was turned off has been resolved.

– The iShare trial period is now one year. Existing iShare users have received a complimentary subscription extension.

TouchChat Overview

Creating a new vocabulary file

Creating New Pages and Links

WordPower24 for TouchChat

iEssence Basics

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