• Fully animated cartoon segments
• Beautifully illustrated pages
• Delightfully narrated with dramatic music
• Adapted for kids with action-packed story line
• Early introduction to world literature

Children from the ages of 3 to 10 will return to this story again and again to experience the story of Odysseus facing the Cyclops and the six-headed Scylla, befriending the witch Circe, and eventually returning to his wife and son! Secretly, they are actually learning the basics of one of mankind’s oldest stories, a story taught in colleges around the world.

This app was designed by parents who love to read and want to instill in their children that same love of books and stories. It combines technology that children now find familiar and enjoyable with classic literature to both educate and entertain them.

This wonderfully illustrated eBook has been adapted for children to expose them to classic literature in a fun, modern environment. The ‘Read To Me’ mode features exciting and suspenseful music to accentuate the action and drama of the story.

The Odyssey features 19 pages, 4 of which are fully animated. The 15 remaining pages are fully illustrated with limited animation. The child can experience the book in either of two modes: ‘Read To Me’, or ‘Read By Myself’. The ‘Read To Me’ mode features exciting music and narration with different voices for each character. Both modes allow auto page turns and pausing.

Price at time of review $2.99

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