Mytales digital teams up with independent publisher tiger tales to bring this assortment of six stories for children ages 2-7 to the iPad in a perfect package.

These delightful iPad children’s book apps are more than simple renderings of book pages; each illustration and its accompanying text has been adapted specifically for the iPad, as beautiful individual screens or easy-slide double-screen “spreads.” Each story includes the option of “Read to me,” with professional narration that brings each story and its characters to life or “Read by myself,” for independent reading:

** Mrs. McGee’s Coconut **
Look out — Mrs. McGee’s coconut is on the loose! When Mrs. McGee tries to open her coconut, it rolls out her door and bounds into town. Now the coconut is creating chaos wherever it goes! Join the zany hunt for the runaway coconut in this rollicking read-aloud that’s full of surprises!

“A breezy escapade, decorated with loopily eye-catching illustrations from [Peter] Cottrill.” –Kirkus Reviews

** Panda-Monium! **
What does Beckett the panda do when his tummy rumbles? He looks for crunchy, munchy bamboo! When two other hungry pandas spot him, they decide to tag along. Soon more and more pandas join the march. And lots of hungry pandas can lead to only one thing. . . . PANDA-MONIUM! This bouncy, rhyming read-aloud offers an entertaining lesson in counting with every screen.

** A Little Bit of Love **
Start with a small, hungry mouse who is tired of cheese. Add a sympathetic mama mouse and an idea for the perfect treat. Mix in a search for some special ingredients, and you have a sweet-as-pie picture book to share with someone you love! A richly-illustrated story about a small mouse who learns that when you make something for your little one, it’s always made with love.

“A mouse and her mother go on a culinary adventure. … Neat lessons on baking and rural life are nicely folded into [Cynthia] Platt’s tale of family love. … Charming.” –Kirkus Reviews

** The Dancing Clock **
Milo is a snow monkey who lives in the Central Park Zoo. His friends beg him to play, but all Milo wants to do it gaze at the zoo’s famous dancing clock. Every hour, the clock’s merry band of animals performs for the crowd below. Milo longs to join the musicians, but he’s stuck behind a locked gate. Until one day, he sees his big chance. . .
This whimsical story is based on the world famous Delacorte Clock located at the entrance to New York City’s Central Park Children’s Zoo.

** My Favorite Michael **
One morning, Michael decides that he wants to be someone different. Someone exciting! So with the help of some dress-up clothes, he becomes Michael the businessman, Michael the knight, and Michael the pirate. He has a day full of adventures. But who is his favorite Michael? Come along for a day of play and pretend with this exuberant picture book about a child’s boundless imagination!

A nice story to read at end of day although it may have the little ones digging in their closets so they can fashion costumes for themselves.” –Children’s Literature Comprehensive Database

** The Ice Cream King **
It’s just another summer day until Teddy visits the “Thrill Chill” ice cream shop. Magically, he enters a world with ice cream fountains, whipped cream lanes, volcanoes that erupt with vanilla fudge, and even an ice cream moon! But soon Teddy notices that something very important is missing. What could it be? Join Teddy on the wildest and yummiest adventure ever!

Price at time of review $3.99

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