Explore the rhythm and rhymes of this popular picture book on the iPad! Read this delightful story to show your little one just how much you love them. Watch as characters on the page animate with a simple touch of the finger or tilt of the iPad! I LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH features lively narration, music and sound effects on every page that bring the story to life and make reading fun for kids.

Perfect for preschoolers, I LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH encourages your child’s love of reading with an interactive reading experience that is fun and engaging.

•Perfect for preschoolers, this app is all about emotional play – encouraging the child to understand the moods, sentiments and emotions that bring characters to life.
•Simple “Touch and Tilt” animated interactions make it easy for the youngest of children to engage with the story:
oTouch the words to hear the story and touch again to pause; touch characters or objects to watch a fun animation and see them move.
oTilt the iPad to watch the story characters lean and move.
•Lively narration, original music and sound effects make the story come to life.
•Individual words highlight as they are read aloud to aid reading skills.
•Settings options allow parents to turn off music and narration so that the child can read the story on his/her own or have the story read to them—just like a physical book!

Price at time of review $4.99

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