You will be amazed at how these wonderful children’s stories come to life with QBook. Children love being able to run their fingers over the text to hear the story and touch any word to hear it said or spelt. They will happily spend hours coloring in the book and they can record themselves as well.

It’s great fun for kids of all ages and it helps with early learning and literacy development. They can even explore other languages and have loads of fun while they do it. This is the perfect gift for your children and it’s educational as well.

Zoos love telling us about the new babies being born, the new exhibits that have been built, the crazy things that animals do and the wonderful ways that the animals stay in their exhibits without the use of bars. Sometimes though, the animals don’t follow the rules and decide to visit the world outside.

Zoo You Later is a series of stories by well known Australian author Chris Cheng about true animal escapes. In this QBook you will meet mischievous Erwin, a capuchin Monkey who decides to take full advantage of a zoo keepers mistake of leaving the door open. Follow Erwin and his merry band of monkeys as they take the zoo keepers on a wild chase around and even outside the zoo.

Modern zoos are fantastic places where we can find out about the wonders of the animal kingdom. Make sure that you visit yours but don’t be surprised if a strange looking animal comes up to you and says ‘Zoo You Later’.


• Personalize each book with ‘this book belongs to …’ page.
• Swipe-to-Read™ the words to hear and playback the story at your own pace.
• Touch-to-Hear™ individual words spoken.
• Touch-to-Spell™ to hear the letters that spell each and every word.
• Auto Play to enjoy the narration.
• Use the My Narration function to read and record the story yourself to customise your book.
• Use the Colour Palette to paint each page and save to customize your book even more.
• Touch areas to hear special sound effects
• Touch particular images to see special animation effects

Multi-Language QBooks

QBook™ offers a true multi-language experience and is a great tool for learning new languages for both young and old. This QBook includes the narration, text and user interface in these languages:

AUS English

Price at time of review $4.99

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