Help Tiny Tinga the monkey find his way home in this exciting and hilarious interactive book. The only book where YOU are the hero – yes, YOU are the Tickle Finger! Use your Tickle Finger to get past all the dastardly creatures who are out to stop Tiny Tinga, tickle them until they giggle and fall over!

Featuring gorgeous, fully animated visuals, secret sounds and events, music, narration by the author, and a world’s first: the Tickle Bar… Tickle the baddies until the tickle bar runs out and the baddies run off!

Featuring full iPad support and autoplay ( a simplified version so that young kids can enjoy the book and advance to the full interactive version as they grow).

From the makers of the best-selling, top rated books: The Smelly Sprout, Princess Chocolate and The Boy Giant.

Price at time of review $0.99

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