SnapMatch is an iPad version of the great traditional game of Snap (aka Slap Jacks).

Snap has been a family favourite for decades because of its simple and fast gameplay which makes it fun for all ages. It is a fast paced card game that requires quick mental processing and sharp reflexes. The downside to the traditional Snap game was always the annoying waiting time while shuffling the cards, organising your pile after winning a snap, and also the possibility of ruining some cards with an overly energetic Snap. These problems are taken care of with SnapMatch – an elegant and beautiful implementation for the iPad.

Multiplayer fun – challenge your friends and family to see who has the fastest reflexes.
Single Player mode – practice against the computer opponent for some solo fun (he’s pretty good!)
HD Graphics – highly stylized graphics add to the feel of the overall game.
Great Interface – simple and intuitive interface makes the game flow seamlessly.

This game is perfect for some quick fun in any situation – road trips, flights, lunch breaks, after dinner, etc.

Price at time of review $2.99

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