Have you ever wondered what you would do if a Doozer or a Fraggle or a Gorg came to visit? Would a Doozer rather sleep in a bedroom slipper or an argyle sock? Do Fraggles like to play cards or would they rather play croquet? And what about Gorgs? Would a huge, hairy Gorg make a nice house guest for the weekend? Well, put your worries aside, for here is “Meet the Fraggles,” the official guide to entertaining Doozers, Fraggles and Gorgs available for the first time on iStorytime!

iStoryTime is a library of narrated children’s books for the iPhone™. iStoryTime books are illustrated and narrated, so your child can enjoy the book even when you’re busy. Best of all, the app is completely simple to use because it’s designed for kids 2-years and up.
Waiting at a restaurant for your dinner to come? Long airplane or train trip? Need ten more minutes to finish the grocery shopping? Hand your kid iStoryTime and let us read to them. With iStoryTime you’ll always have a great book on hand to entertain and educate the kids, rather than resorting to movies or video games. Pages can be turned automatically or manually depending on the age and preference of the user.

– Automatic navigation and narration make it incredibly simple to use
– Classic original artwork
– Highlighted text helps beginning readers make associations between the words they hear and see

Price at time of review $1.99

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