Featuring the original story and artwork by Tad Hills, with delightful animations, lots of interactivity and two additional games to play will make this a captivating app. Children will be able to make Rocket jump and wag his tail, blow leaves off of a tree, draw letters in the snow, play in the mud and uncover other surprises. The two additional games ALPHABET DROP and BIRD’S WORDS will help children hone their letter skills and learn to spell sight words.

Here is an app that will promote reading in young children, individual words are highlighted as the story is read.

Original text and beautiful artwork by Tad Hills with features that entertain and promote reading.


– Watch and listen as words are highlighted while the story is read aloud by Hope Davis.
– Turn off the narration and read at your own pace. Tap on the words to hear them read back to you.


Rocket gets more than he bargains for when he heads to his favorite spot to take a nap one morning. A little bird unfurls a banner with all the letters from A to Z and chirps, “Ah, the wondrous, mighty, gorgeous alphabet, where it all begins,” –and Rocket politely moves to a different favorite spot. Once the little bird starts reading though, Rocket can’t help but be drawn into the story the bird is reading aloud. Young readers will instantly identify with Rocket, who is taught how to spell–and then read–by this enchanting little bird.

This new offering from Random House Children’s Books, the trusted publisher of beloved children’s classics, is the perfect app for storytime or anytime.


– Over 40 pages of interactive text and illustrations with realistic page turning interactions just like the original hardcover book.
– Beautiful vocal performance by Hope Davis will immerse young readers in the story.
– The story is brought to life by tilting, tapping and swiping, as well as blowing into the microphone.
– “Read to me” with highlighting to help improve reading skills
– Hear individual words spoken with the tap of a finger
– Exit the story and conveniently return to the page where you left off.

Price at time of review $4.99

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