Below are some of views from people who have used Conversation Builder.

This app is the best one yet! – I have used it with a few students with ASD along with students with language impairments. I used it mostly with grades 1-2, but also tried it with some high school students. The high school students liked it just as much as the little ones did! This app is helpful for many of my students and THEY LOVE USING THE APP! They love to listen to their own voices. Even more, they love that someone is having a conversation with them! One student said “is that real?” I love all the different photo themes. I find this app helpful for general vocabulary as well as conversation skills. I even find it useful for my students with articulation impairments who are working on sentence production. the different levels are helpful. some students need the multiple choices of level one. Other students are ready for open-ended conversation turns. Is it so interesting to compare the responses of my students with ASD to students who do not have difficulty with conversation. I will definitely be using this app often! Diana Zimmerman – MS CCC-SLP

Wonderful – I bought this on Sunday and used it right away on Monday with a 4th grade student who has high functioning autism. The conversational choices are excellent. The students must discriminate between very subtle differences that are difficult to teach and which can negatively or positively impact a conversation. The choices offer opportunities to discuss with students what makes one response OK and another one not OK. Th pictures of real kids doing real activities, and the great kid voices make the conversations so believable and natural. It’s very helpful for the students to hear their own voices as part of a well executed conversation. This is a must-have app for anyone who wants to help a child with conversational skills! – MNTeacher

Best Pragmatic app in my tool box – I’m a SLP in the schools, and it doesn’t get much better that this. I could hear the cogs clicking when I did this with my students. Great pictures, voices and topics. Age appropriate for kids 5-11ish. I’m looking forward to more content for older kids – beanSLP

Great app for the classroom – I am a special education teacher and I’ve been using this app with a student who struggles with social interactions. This has worked well with him. He loves recording his own voice and listening to the conversation. This has been great, not only for the social stories, but to also have a dialog with this student. I especially like that I can use it for more than one student and customize it to fit specific areas of need. – KH37

Took the words out of my mouth! – I cannot express how excited I am about this app! This is exactly what I have been looking for … In fact, just a few weeks before this app came out, I’d been talking to another developer about creating a similar app in order to simulate peer interaction for my students with high-functioning autism and Aspergers. This medium is so uniquely suited for meeting complex communication needs. This app is a fantastic tool for SLP’s and for parents who want to give their child an opportunity to practice peer interaction in a low pressure and engaging way. I highly recommend this product, as well as the other Builder apps! They have revolutionized my practice! I am so grateful to this developer for creating these apps and for making them so affordable and user friendly! I rave about their products to every SLP and teach I meet! – EmilySLP

SLP Review – I’ve been using this app with my mild-mod SDC students. I love this app. First off, it teaches turn taking in conversation. This is great because some of my students will continue to talk without waiting for their communication partner to even respond. It provides the students with visual feedback and carrier phrases to use during the conversation. It also gives clues on when the student should transistion into another topic. I love that I am able to save the conversation and even email them to the parents if I wanted to. Great job with this new app. – Shonia Porter, M.A., CCC-SLP

ConversationBuilder Review – I love your new app. Turn taking and reciprocal conversations are difficult and this makes it easier. This in intuitive and a great way to practice peer interaction in an engaging way. The children’s voices are exceptional and the pictures are of real life scenarios. The ability to save conversations and email them is a great way to reinforce skills from home to school. This is a nice addition to my other Builder apps. I like the ability to add other conversational modules to the standard module. – romcquill

Another winner! – I have two kids with autism. I can’t say enough good things about these apps. The newest is my favorite. Knowing what to say in a conversation is so hard for kids with autism. I also like the fact that unlike a lot of special needs apps this one is helpful and affordable. Keep up the great work! by Toby Price

As an SLP, I’m constantly searching for appropriate apps to recommend for my clients and to use in speech/language therapy. The Mobile Education Store apps are some of the best that I have used in the past t wo years since purchasing my iPhone. This new one is especially pertinent to those with Asperger’s Syndrome or anyone who has difficulty with conversational skills. It is easy to use, it has an excellent information page and is most enjoyable for students of all ages. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! by AAC Girl

Wonderful App! – This app is an indispensible tool in my speech-language therapy sessions. It grabs my students’ attention like nothing else I have ever tried. The app allows us to refine the students’ clarity and language structure before recording. To hear the finished conversation, minus the prompting and cues, is a wonderful experience for the children, their parents and myself. My students are so excited to use this app and ask to do one conversation after the other. Carryover of learned skills has already been witnessed after a couple sessions! by dmc-slp

ConversationBuilderâ„¢ (Pat. Pend.) is designed to help elementary aged children learn how to have multi-exchange conversations with their peers in a variety of social settings.

The auditory pattern of conversation is presented in a visual format to help students recognize and master the flow of conversation. Students will learn when it is appropriate to introduce themselves, ask questions, make observations and change the subject of the conversation.

Being able to converse with peers is the cornerstone of developing relationships, and ConversationBuilderâ„¢ promotes development of this skill that so many elementary aged children struggle with in a fun and engaging way.

-Simple interface to learn the pattern of conversation
-Students record their half of the conversation
-Two group and two one-on-one conversation settings
-Student can initiate or respond to conversations
-Conversations can be 4 or 8 exchanges long
-Student name, age, primary interest and city of residence are used in conversations to personalize play
-Student recordings are interlaced with pre-recorded audio to create complete conversations
-Conversations may be archived and emailed
-Up to 160 distinct conversations available

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