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A fun & educational bundle of games for toddlers and preschoolers featuring two kid favorites: animals and trains! Kids enjoy learning as they play the 5 different games plus a bonus sticker activity. Featuring fun, playful illustrations and animations, original music, and intuitive game play that has been thoroughly kid-tested.

Zoo Train is a universal app: buy once, play on iPhone, iPod and iPad!


– 5 games teach alphabet & letters, word construction, musical scale & note recognition, matching patterns & recognizing shapes

– A reward-based sticker activity to keep kids motivated as they learn

– A variety of colorful & playful animals & trains

– Fun music & sound effects throughout the games

– Friendly vocal reinforcement of words & letters

– Positive encouragement after correct answers & completed puzzles

– Easy & intuitive interface that doesn’t require instruction

– Random game play keeps your child engaged


1. Picture Puzzles: drag the pieces to complete the image, then hear the picture identified and watch your train move closer towards the station

2. Whistle Music: Play a song on the full-octave train whistles as a freeplay activity, OR listen, watch and play along to any of the included songs

3. Train Builder: Choose your engine, cargo and caboose, then select the setting where your train should ride – then watch your custom animation

4. Word Builder: Match the letters to create a word. You’re rewarded with a whistle toot and vocal reinforcement of the word you just created

5. Track Tycoon: Drag the missing train track pieces to finish the track, then watch as the train rides along the completed path

6. Stickers: Stick a sticker on your suitcase as you earn your rewards – see how many you can collect!

Price at time of review $1.99

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One Response to Zoo Train

  1. elizabethobe says:

    We have just started. But, this is the first app my son played with for an extended time. He has suffered major regression and Zoo Train was so easy for him to understand while still challenging for his abilities.

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