The Three Little Pigs
By: Nosy Crow

“I’ve got loads of apps and this is far and away the most extraordinary app on the market. Both my kids love it, and it’s one of the few apps I’m happy to see them use.”
— Lucy, mother of a 3-year-old and 5-year-old. London

The Three Little Pigs is an innovative, animated and truly interactive digital experience that makes reading fun and exciting for children. The story unfolds in a richly illustrated 3-D landscape filled with animations, original music and hidden surprises allowing children to listen to the story, read the text at their own pace and interact with the characters.

This is the first title in Nosy Crow’s series of 3-D Fairy Tale apps.

Boys and girls ages 4 years and older
Anyone who loves to see brilliantly animated stories on the iPad!
Designed specifically with the iPad’s technical capabilities in mind, the app draws the reader in as an active participant in the story.

Readers can:

Blow into the microphone to blow down the pig’s houses
Tilt the device to see more of the scene
Zoom in to reveal hidden details
Flick the characters to make them jump, spin and speak
Tap the screen to trigger hundreds of funny, interactive surprises
Special Features:

Read to Me, Read by Myself and Read and Play modes
Narrated entirely by children
An all-original interactive soundtrack: each character has his own musical identity
Sophisticated animations on every screen

Price at time of review $7.99



Good books, good apps

We know it’s subjective, but Nosy Crow wants to be proud of everything that we publish and make. We want to be sure that it meets the need of a reader (or emerging reader), and meets that need as well as it possibly can. That means great illustration, great design, great audio, great video, great animation and, above all, really great writing.

Authors, illustrators and creative talent

We recognise that it’s a privilege to be entrusted with other people’s creative work. We aim to be nurturing, responsive, speedy and fair in our relationships with authors, illustrators and other creative people. We want them to enjoy working with us and being part of Nosy Crow.

Our culture

We are very happy to be independent. We are very happy to be small (for now: we hope to grow, of course). We are very happy that we can be fast and responsive. All in all, we are very happy. We think that being happy and having fun is important and will make what we do better and more successful. We don’t have big meetings. We don’t have a corporate machine we need to feed. We make all our own decisions.

New technology

Apps, ebooks, websites, Facebook, Twitter… we actively embrace new technology in what we make, and in how we tell people about it.

Thinking internationally

We have, between us, decades of relationships and friendships in the international world of reading. In our careers, we have made books that have been successful throughout the world and we have a strong understanding of global markets. We are looking for books and apps that will translate well, and we look forward to selling our books and apps throughout the world.

Being part of something bigger

We like being small, but we are proud to be part of a bigger industry. Nosy Crow is a member of the Publishers Association (www.publishers.org.uk) , and of the Independent Publisher’s Guild (www.ipg.uk.com).

Doing the right thing

We will source our full-colour print via Imago, a leading player in PREPS (www.preps-UK.com) , which is a collaboration of major companies set up to enable informed and ethical choices when sourcing materials. We are committed to using paper that is 3 stars or more on the Egmont Grading System © which takes into account how the material has been harvested or recycled and how the forest source has been managed. Where appropriate and possible, we will use FSC or PEFC paper. Imago is also a founding member of prelims (www.prelims.org) , the book publishing industry’s initiative to promote and improve standards for socially responsible manufacturing.

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