Puzzld! is a beautifully illustrated wood puzzle game for children. Featuring stunning artwork by Two Fish Illustration, six wonderful boards come alive at the fingertips of kids, and help nurture their creative play.

As the pieces are moved around the board, watch as they run into each other, and push other pieces around. These puzzles feel like the real thing, but you’ll never lose a piece!

Difficulty Settings
At the easier setting, the pieces don’t rotate, and tilting your iPad has no effect on them. Younger children can use the game without frustration.

At the more difficult setting, though, things get really fun! Pieces can rotate naturally, and can be manipulated with multiple touches to spin them back in to position. Even better, tilting the iPad will send the pieces moving across the board, just as they might on a real board. (We’ll promise that none will fall off, though!) Older children, and children more comfortable with the iPad, will love interacting with the puzzles like this. Matching the pieces with their cutout shapes is a wonderful way to foster early learning.

Some of the more difficult puzzles are “locked” initially, and are unlocked (with a lovely sound and beautiful graphic) after completing the earlier puzzles. Children love this reward, and thrill at their accomplishment.

Price at time of review $1.99

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  1. Joseph Harris says:

    Joseph loves Puzzld! The different music on each puzzle is very good, and the physics, like the pieces floating to the top on the underwater puzzle and no gravity in the space puzzle are clever. And he always loves it when he can shake the pieces of the puzzle back out.

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