Prepare for battle! Aliens have invaded Paris and you must save the city by playing this action-packed adventure travel game. Arm yourself with educational facts about Paris and France as part of each assigned mission – and defeat the Gloopies as your knowledge is tested in a series of challenging arcade-style games!

New and Noteworthy Education in both UK (#1) and US (#3)


•10 different secret agent missions, each one with its own series of pair matching and “whack a Gloopy” games
•Mini travel guide featuring pictures and information about Paris (Mission #2)
•Multiplayer setting – Enter up to 4 players


Each mission contains a dossier filled with critical information required to defeat the Gloopies: facts about Paris and France; geography, historical landmarks, vocabulary, culture, food, and famous French people. Using this knowledge, you will play a memory matching game. If you are able to make the matches without your Gloop meter getting full, you will then face off against a wave of aliens in a fast paced Gloopy game. Once the aliens are defeated at the first level, the next level is unlocked and you will move on to the next mission. When the final mission (Mission #10) is successfully accomplished and General Gloop is defeated, you win! At this point you can choose to either go back and play the entire game again, or play any of the individual missions to improve your high scores.


Mission #1: Get to know France

Mission #2: French words: basic sayings

Mission #3: Sightseeing and famous landmarks in Paris

Mission #4: Eating and dining words

Mission #5: French customs and traditions

Mission #6: Transportation and direction

Mission #7: Famous French people

Mission 8: Colors and numbers

Mission 9: French terms mix

Mission 10: Random review of previous 9 missions

Pice at time of review $1.99

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