“Through engaging illustrations and imaginative story telling, Demibooks has created a wonderful tool to motivate young readers.”
~ Colleen Avila, Special Education teacher

“Great art meets great technology with Stacey Williams-Ng’s brand new release…”
~ Doug Cheever, Design Guru

Follow Jimmy into outer space in an action-packed storybook adventure. Jimmy has magical pajamas that have the power to turn him into an astronaut! What sort of things will he encounter when he flies past Saturn, Earth and Mars?

In this Demibooks™ book app written and illustrated by Stacey Williams-Ng, the fantastic tale of Jimmy and his magical jammies are brought to life in richly-textured paintings and rhyming verse.

Created exclusively in the Demibooks interactive format, this story includes a dreamlike original music score by Steve Dixon, professional narration and amazing special effects. Readers can launch a rocket, squish and poke a planet made entirely of goo, and help Jimmy escape the jaws of a hungry space baboon… all with the tap of a finger! These interactive features help advance the story and enhance reading comprehension.

Two ways to read this book:
* “Read-aloud” — listen to the narrated story with lines of poetry highlighted as they are read.
* “Read it myself” — voiceover can be turned off so young readers can follow the story at their own pace.

Additional features:
* Paintings by Stacey Williams-Ng, animated and layered in delightful page layouts.
* Musical score and whimsical sound effects bring the story to life.
* 360-degree rotation allows readers to spin Jimmy.
* Animations and interactions delight readers with surprising effects.
* Glittering stars and musical bouncy-ball moons encourage imaginative play.

Price at time of review $4.99

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