This app will help your child discover, recognize and pronounce 575 everyday words while developing his/her motor skills in a fun and interactive way.

It does that by hiding a beautiful, real picture of an item behind a cover. As your child moves the fun companion (plane, scoop, bird and sixteen others), the cover is removed and the picture beneath is revealed.

When your child fully uncovers the picture, a short musical sound is played and the word is spoken in a broadcast quality, studio recorded voice of a professional voice talent. Your child can listen to this voice again simply by touching a card.

This app is suitable for growing kids that are a bit comfortable with iPhone and can swipe and now want to learn more words. It is a nice app for preschoolers, kindergarten, elementary and primary school children.

The words are ordered from ordinary to exotic. As your boy / girl completes a card he / she can go on to the next card simply by swiping to right. Your child can see all his / her completed cards at any time by swiping to left.

1. Simple, clear, to-the-point design focused on learning.

2. 575 photo flashcards organized from everyday to exotic.

3. Each card speaks in broadcast quality, studio recorded voice of a professional voice talent when it is uncovered completely.

4. Musical short sound is played when a card is uncovered completely.

5. Swipe to go to next picture puzzle or review all previously spelled cards. A musical short sound is played.

6. Soothing Piano music is played in background while your child plays.

7. Turn ON/OFF any sound.

8. Easily reset to start over.

Price at time of review Free

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One Response to Wipe and Learn

  1. Joseph Harris says:

    I have a hard time getting Joseph to focus on regular flash-card apps. Wipe and Learn is interactive enough to pique his interest and keep his attention for a reasonable amount of time.

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