ABA Problem Solving Game – What Rhymes? Rhyming is a basic component of phonics and a very important pre-reading skill that prepares young children for spelling and decoding words. Teaching rhyming words in preschool and kindergarten can help set a solid base for reading comprehension later on.

What skill could possibly be more useful then problem solving? Of all the valuable skills your child learns at school, problem solving should be number one. At Kindergarten.com we have developed a number of fun Problem Solving applications to help young children develop these skills before they even start Kindergarten. These applications encourage creative problem solving, discrimination and reasoning skills.

Our “What Rhymes” application was seamlessly created using 118 superb, concrete, colorful images that are of high interest to both visual and auditory learners. Your child will be shown 4 objects at a time and asked which two rhyme.

For example:


By adding clearly pronounced audio we are able to offer verbal praise to reward and reinforce your child’s appropriate responses as well as encourage vocal imitation for those with emerging language skills.

Classical music is randomly played along with visual reinforcement to maintain your child’s interested while introducing them to the world’s most popular composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

Top features of our applications:

– Clear, Colorful, Concrete Images
– Benefits to both Visual and Auditory Learners
– Classical Music with Visual Reinforcement
– Sound can be turned “on” or “off”
– Concisely Pronounced Audio

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