The Three Little Pigs HD – So Ouat!

The Three Little Pigs”, told as never you’ve imagined, is a bilingual story often told in both English/French (text and audio) for a funny and innovating apprenticeship.

Choosen by kids in an nursery school in Paris, this first story by “So Ouat!” is a brand new numeric edition, specifically created for kids from 5 to 8, to follow them is their learning, and most likely give them the taste of reading… forever!
Reading, watching cartoons, listening to readings and identifying words, sentences, following instructions and tapping with the tip of the finger … all of this is now possible with iPad.

Tell me dad’, what does “hastily” mean?
Is it correct to pronounce “fireplace”?
I don’t understand what I read, mom…

All these questions never have secrets for your kids with So Ouat!

Price at time of review: $3.99

Click on the link to visit the App page on the iTunes store.

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