The Adventures of the 7Wonderlicious Girls is a great educational storybook app that will help support your kid’s awareness via 28 short story cards featuring 7 Wonderlicious girls. The girls are all great role models figures for the kids and each one love to solve problems, be active and try new things out. A smart book app that easily opens the door to various discussions with your kids or within the classroom. The short stories help reinforce positive attitude, work with other, self esteem and a lot more.
Each girl has her own strength and all find out that they can be empowered, become leader, fix things or help others. 7Wonderlicious Girls is a great fun educational app that we would recommend reading together with your kids. Creating an interaction and using the question included in the book app will easily open the discussion toward key themes such as:

• Leadership, taking the initiative and showing the good example,

• Learning, observing, being curious

• Understanding that you as an individual can fix things as long as you are willing. There is no rule, being a boy or a girl does not matter it is your own motivation and willingness that makes the difference.

• Helping others, supporting community, sharing, helping out with the chores are values that you want for your kids.

• Uniqueness of each person, strength and weaknesses

• Problem solving, using creativity, assertiveness
The list is long. The main issue is to develop awareness within our children, find out how they can help, create, learn and experiment to grow confident. Although the focus is on girls, I read 7Wonderlicious to my boys and we had some great discussions. It raised some great comments and ideas but most importantly they got the message that it is all up to them. They are in charge if they want to lead, share and help; people are who they want to be as long as they take action and know the consequences.

7Wonderlicious is a great book app with bright and colourful illustrations and offers 3 options “Auto play” – “Read to me” and “Read Myself”. I like the “Read to me” best, because I can pause after each card and discuss.

Price at time of review $4.99

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