Suitable for ages 3+. Take the first steps in literacy with Red The Robot®, developed by teachers to get your child talking and reading! Red The Robot and his friends motivate and encourage on every level children to get involved with phonics, sounds and fantastic stories!

Red The Robot Phase 1:

• 20 sound cards
• Red The Robot (Book)
• Red’s New Home (Book)
• Red Meets Alex (Book)
• Red’s Song

Endorsed and researched by the Institute of Education in the UK and Sponsored by The National Literacy Trust, Red The Robot really does work and it’s as easy as Child’s play!

Children love learning with Red The Robot and the concept like all successful inventions is very simple!

Start by playing a series of sound lotto style interactive cards, progress through the phonic aspect cards with multiple answers and prompts along the way, teach and play at home and reward each session with a fantastic story adventure from the extensive and exclusive library of story books.

Red The Robot helps keep story time fun, learning focussed and rememberable, whilst still remaining totally in line with English educational requirements.

A few cards and stories each day will motivate your child to speak, read and communicate.

If you’re looking to help yourself teach your child in a fun and easy way then Red The Robot has it all!

To read what the experts say visit Red’s website www.redtherobot.com

Red The Robot motivating children of all ages and abilities to speak and read English. Whether you are teaching English as a foreign language or preparing your child for School, Red is the number one literacy choice. Watch out for many news apps with exciting new content.

Red the Robot is proudly supporting the National Literacy Trust to help transform lives through literacy.

The National Literacy Trust is an independent charity that transforms lives by supporting those who struggle with literacy and the people that work with them. They work with early years professionals, as well as families, to support reading, writing and early language development.

Price at time of review $4.99

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