Just about every young family has a picture match game somewhere in a crowded closet or toy box. With Quibble Kids, the game is in the palm of your hand and it’s never missing a match. Quibble Kids is more than just a standard picture match game. It uses three-dimensional spinning cubes to help develop a child’s spatial reasoning, memory and logic skills. In short, Quibble Kids helps children learn to make connections between what they see and what they know.

Quibble Kids features:

*50 puzzle sets with over 200 images for the original picture match game
*Intuitive interface for young kids to easily master
*Fun music for each puzzle
*Score keeping to chart your child’s progress
*Access to additional puzzle packs for kids between the ages 2 and 12
*Each additional puzzle pack is available for only 99 cents

Price at time of review $1.99

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