Help perfect your pronunciation with the best-value, most-comprehensive English phonetics app available. Enjoy 19 English phonetics activities and resources in one app! Now with Listen & Record features. Buy now to enjoy our special introductory price!

STOP PRESS: New Listen & Record feature to make it even easier to practise and perfect your pronunciation.

The creators of the highly-popular, British Council ELTon nominated Phonetics Focus, bring you the Phonetics Focus mobile app, helping you to master the sounds of English wherever you are.

Packed with 19 activities, including interactive phonemic charts, high-quality native-speaker audio, Listen & Record, scored quizzes, practice tools and printable full-colour flashcard sets, this app could be the only one you’ll need to learn, improve and succeed in successfully teaching and learning the sounds of English.
In short, anyone who teaches English or is learning English can benefit from our app:

– If you are an English language learner, of any age and from any country, Phonetics Focus provides you with new, exciting ways to learn, practise and improve your pronunciation.
– If you are a language teacher looking for stimulating, high-quality pronunciation/phonetics resources to help your students, Phonetics Focus is for you.
– If you are a trainee teacher studying towards your CELTA, wanting to master the sounds of English, Phonetics Focus is for you.
– If you are a non-native English speaking teacher who needs help teaching students the sounds of English correctly, Phonetics Focus is for you.
– If you are a linguistics student, at undergraduate or postgraduate level, Phonetics Focus is a useful resource.

* What’s included in the Phonetics Focus app?

This fun, easy-to-use app is packed with 19 different activities to improve your knowledge of pronunciation, phonemic symbols and all 44 sounds of English.

Not one, but THREE ways to explore the phonemic chart:

– Phonemic Chart All 44 sounds and symbols… just a click away

– Phonemic Chart iPoster A fully illustrated, all-in-one chart

– Listen & Record Listen, Repeat, Record & Perfect

* We’ve developed EIGHT interactive, scored quizzes and ‘apptivities’ to help you improve your knowledge of the sounds of English:

– Name that Phoneme! Match the symbol to the sound

– Phonetic Flip Practice your phonetic spelling

– Phoney Phonemes Quiz Can you spot the fake phonemes?

– Missing Phonemes Quiz Which phoneme has been removed?

– Minimal Pairs Which one do you hear?

– Phonetic Spelling test How’s your phonetic spelling?

– Which Phoneme? Pick the correct symbol & score

– Odd Phon’ Out One is right, but three are wrong

Take advantage of the EIGHT sets of quality full-colour flashcards for you to use on your device, or download, print and use either by yourself, with friends or in your classroom. In the app we’ve also included teaching and learning ideas to go with each set, so you can make the most out of our resources.

Price at time of review $1.99

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One Response to Phonetics Focus

  1. Karen janowski says:

    The potential of this app sounded intriguing. Nut then I watched the video and saw the emphasis on the use of phonetic spelling. We are now adding learning another system to our students who already struggle with sound symbol relationships. It’s adding another alphabet to the one they already struggle with. Are teachers still teaching the phonetic alphabet?
    Is this app really useful in remediation?

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