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iTouchiLearn Musical Morning Routines features a musical, interactive, animated story that teaches toddler, preschool and special education kids about morning routines. As players progress through each verse of the song, they engage in interactive activities and receive virtual rewards to reinforce learning the routine. Morning Routines helps build early learning literacy, and life skills .

Kids can sing along and interact with the catchy “Ready for School” song sung to the tune of Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush.

iTouchiLearn Morning Routines Musical Story includes 3 modes of early learning: Game, Music and Activity. Players first pick the character they would like to be in the game. By incorporating creative play, kids are treated to a whole new level of learning:

★Game Mode: Players watch, interact and receive virtual rewards as they complete each morning task that leads to the next musical, animated verse of the song. This helps build self esteem, early learning and life skills.

★Music Mode: Kids can choose which routine to watch and enjoy.

★Activity Mode: Players are presented with words associated with morning routines and they have to select the correct picture. This helps them recognize words and build early learning and literacy skills as they receive virtual rewards for the correct answers.

Price at time of review $1.99

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