iPractice Verbs was featured at Macworld.com Magazine in 2011.

iPractice verbs 2.0 is a fun and easy way to learn and practice basic English verbs. With over 120 verbs in present, present progressive, and past tense with corresponding high quality images and audio (totaling to almost 1000 stimuli) practicing verbs has never been so easy or intuitive.

iPractice verbs also allows for practice at different levels: word, phrase, and sentence levels with the flexibility to select which verbs are to be practiced. There are two modes on iPractice verbs: “Flashcards” and “Find it”.

The primary purpose of “Flashcards” is to practice learning the verbs; “Find it” on the other hand is a multiple choice game for selecting the correct verb. When the correct corresponding image is selected, there is audio praise, when the incorrect image is selected the choices are narrowed and the student is encouraged to “try again”. This way we maximize student success and learning.

Price at time of review $10.99

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