Grace – Picture Exchange for Non-Verbal People A simple picture exchange system developed By and For non-verbal people allowing the user to communicate their needs by building sentences from relevant images. It can be customised by the individual using their picture and photo vocabulary with the user taking and saving pictures independently to the app.

The application works in real time and allows the user to select their preferences, then (on iPhone) rotate the device to present a full-sized sentence to the listener – who will read it with them and respond to their request. You can currently have up to eight cards in a ‘sentence’, and the cards are large enough on iPad to not need a fullscreen view.

The beauty of Grace is that it ensures the interaction of the user with the listener, and mutual understanding of the user’s real needs help to increase communication opportunities and build trust.

We’re just getting started, with many more features planned, including image and category organization and iPad support. Please let us know if you have any feedback!

Price at time of review: $37.99

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2 Responses to GRACE – Picture Exchange for Non – Verbal People

  1. Hi Donna, yes the app runs on any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad and the one purchase can be transferred to any of the above. Just be sure to name each device after the child using it and your iTunes will recognise and keep that version of the App so you can re-install it on anything.

  2. Donna Bennett says:

    This is awsome!!! Will the apps for the I phone and also be available on the Ipad?

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