➜Draw with animated (spinning and glow/flare effect) stars which colors are extracted from Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry night” painting, and share your drawing via Twitter,Facebook or email

★When touching existing stars, these are turned into shooting stars which fly away in a 3D-like animation and eventually exit the drawing!
★Share your drawings via Twitter,Facebook or email (v2.0 update!). You can use the app to create original greeting cards, personalized invitations, tender words, etc.
★Draw with Stars ! is also full of sound effects : musical chimes when stars are created, background summer night sounds, “fly away” sounds…
★Check the video demo on our Web site http://lescapadou.com to see shooting spinning effects, stars 3D animation, glowing stars animation and hear the sound effects !

Other Features:

★Multitouch support (draw with your 10 fingers/several people can draw together)
★Choose a background image from your photo library or use the iPhone camera
★Choose star size and color (based on Vincent Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” painting: yellow, 4 shades of blue, all colors,all blue)
★Choose star spinning mode (4 modes)
★Animated comets displayed in the background
★Universal App – buy it once and use it on your iPad and iPhone

Price at time of review $0.99

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