Color My Name turns your iPhone into a Personalised Coloring Book maker! It’s a totally different, better and fun way for kids to color on iPhone or iPad!

Color My Name is a fun little app that lets anyone type in their name — and then see their very own name magically appear in the coloring-book artwork!

Kids LOVE writing, seeing and coloring their own names. It makes them feel special and helps them learn about their own identity. Color My Name is a fun and easy way to let them create artwork that really belongs to them.

Here’s how it works:

Once a name is typed in, it automatically appears in ALL the coloring pages of their personalized coloring book.

Kids (or you!) can choose to color their name right on the screen of the iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with the easy-to-use Color Controls.

You get dozens of different coloring pages with the name on every single page. You can even email and print the Black-and-White artwork to your print out for off-line coloring.

Along with Coloring Books, kids can make their very own Door Signs, Room Posters, Book Covers or anything else they want to say “This belongs to me!”

Get started now on your own, personalized coloring artwork with Color My Name!

Price at time of review $0.99

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