Lets your Kids have fun and also learn to match colors!!

Color Crazy is a quick paced game where you need quick fingers and a quick mind!

The top of the screen will have three colored rectangles. The bottom of the screen will have 15 colored targets! Your goal is to remove the targets that match the colored rectangles before time runs out!

You have to move quick and touch the correct targets. The first 5 rounds are easy but after that the round times are lowered and you must be quicker and quicker to score points that round.

There is a high score stored for the best time score on your iPhone and you can compete against family and friends to see who can get the highest score!

You need fast hand/eye ability to make sure not to miss valid targets and to not press the wrong colored ones!

You get 10 points for valid targets, -10 for missed targets and -20 for wrong targets! If at the end of the level you gained no points the game is over!

Fun colors! Fun sounds and hours of fun!

How high can you go? In testing the best score was 3000 points. Please email us at ColorCrazy@iFunStuff.com if you get higher!

Download Color Crazy and go crazy today!!

Price at time of review $0.99

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