Alphabet Blast is a fun and challenging game that lets kids learn the alphabet and the order of the letters!

This is a perfect educational game for grade school kids this summer!

The top of the screen has 3 letters showing and three missing letters. The bottom of the screen has 18 random letters. The goal is to pick the letters at the bottom that are missing at the top.

But pick them quickly because the faster the time the better the record. The goal is to set the record which is displayed on the front screen.

The game consists of 5 sets of letters and tracks the time. If you set a new record then it shows up on the front screen.

This is great for all grade school kids and helps them learn the alphabet and the order of the letters in the alphabet.

Buy Alphabet Blast today and have a blast and learn your letters!!

Please email us at AlphabetBlast@iFunStuff.com if you have questions or ideas for Alphabet Blast!

Price at time of review $0.99

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