Let our amazing aliens help you learn your alphabet! Learn and practise the letters and sounds of the English alphabet as never before, thanks to our funny little aliens in our ‘big-screen’ iPad app. Plus, test yourself, your friends or your family with our set of addictive alphabet countdown games. With 4 great resources in one, this is a resource that has something for everyone.

Letter recognition and learning phonics (the sounds that letters make) help provide the building blocks for your child’s reading and writing development. So, let our ABC Aliens give your child a head-start on their road to literacy success.

This beautifully-illustrated/animated and professionally-recorded resource helps children master the English alphabet as well as the sounds each letter makes. Capital and lower case letters modes, as well as a choice of voices (alien or child) allow for even more flexibility in your child’s learning and development. Add to this the Record & Play Your Voice functions and you have an app that is hard to beat when it comes to taking the first steps towards successful reading and writing. To consolidate what your child has learnt, why not take the ABC or ZYX Countdown challenges?

Loved by children, both native and non-native speakers of English, from ages 3 to 10, (as well as their parents and teachers!) ABC Aliens is a stimulating way to join in and engage with your child’s learning while boosting their English level through educational play.

Developed by online & mobile education specialists, Cambridge English Online Ltd, with 10 years’ experience creating cutting-edge online and mobile resources, ABC Aliens has been tested and reviewed by teachers and parents and aims to support the UK National Curriculum guidelines on teaching and learning letters and sounds.

– 4 fun, educational alphabet Letters & Sounds activities in one ‘big-screen’ app
– Practise the sounds of the English alphabet (choose between capital and lower case letter modes)
– Learn and practise the letters of the alphabet (choose between capital and lower case letter modes)
– Choose the character and voice you want to hear. Alien or child?
– Play our highly-addictive, tension-filled ABC Countdown games (capital and lower case letter modes). How quickly can you go from A to Z?
– Play our even trickier, tension-filled ZYX Countdown game (capital and lower case letter modes). How fast can you click the alphabet backwards?
– Record and play your own voice function
– Beautifully illustrated/animated, aliens help engage/entertain
– High-quality, professionally recorded audio to help perfect pronunciation
– Ideal for native and non-native speakers of English
– Perfect for helping developing literacy
– Created especially for iPad’s big-screen format (not a resized iPhone app)
– Easy to use, navigate and enjoy

Price at time of Review $1.99

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