ABA Receptive Identification – By FunctionMany children with emerging language skills do not think of things as having parts, attributes or fitting into categories but these are necessary for developing appropriate, functional conversation skills. Once a child can ask for, label and receptively identify a great many items, it’s a good time to start teaching the FFC’s or rather features, function and class of items, people and places. These lessons teach a child to talk about things rather than just labeling them.

Features may be: doors, wheels, tails, ears, etc.
Functions may be: cutting, driving, eating, sleeping, etc.
Classes may be: zoo animals, vehicles, foods, clothing, etc.

This “receptive by function” application was seamlessly created using 66 superb, concrete, colorful images that are of high interest to both visual and auditory learners. By adding clearly pronounced real audio we hope to encourage vocal imitation. Classical music is randomly played along with visual reinforcement to maintain your child’s interested while introducing them to the world’s most popular composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky.

Top features of our applications:

– Clear, Colorful, Concrete Images
– Benefits to both Visual and Auditory Learners
– Classical Music with Visual Reinforcement
– Sound can be turned “on” or “off”
– Concisely Pronounced Audio

Our “Receptive by Function” application targets the following functions:

Find the one that: Bakes, Cleans Carpet, Cuts Paper, Keeps you Dry, Keeps you Safe, Plays Music, Puts out Fires, Reaches High, Takes Care of Your Body, Takes Pictures, Tells Time, The Dog Eats, Washes Clothes. Find the one that you: Carve, Eat, Play With, Read, Ride, Sit On, Sleep On, Wear.

Photos in this application include:

American Flag, Asparagus, Baby, Backpack, Banana, Baseball, BBQ, Bear, Bed, Beetle, Blender, Boots, Builder, Camera, Chair, Chef, Clown, Coffee, Crane, Daisy, Digger, Doctor, Dog Bone, Dog House, Dog, Fire Extinguisher, Firefighter, Flamingo, Flippers, Frog, Hamburger, Harp, Hot Air Balloon, Jack-o-Lantern, Kitchen Scale, Ladder, Mailbox, Marshmallows, Microphone, Monkey, Newspaper, Paperclip, Pepper Grinder, Phone Booth, Piano, Ping Pong, Police Officer, Raccoon, Radio, Ringmaster, Sandcastle, Scissors, Shovel, Space Ship, Statue of Liberty, Tape Measure, Tie, Tricycle, Truck, Umbrella, Vaccuum Cleaner, Veterinarian, Walkie Talkie, Washing Machine, Watch, Woman.

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