MAKE EVERY MOMENT COUNT, in education, in business, in life…with the new Time Timer iPhone application.

Time Timer delivers an innovative and practical way to address the universal question of, “How much longer?”

It’s disappearing red-disk allows individuals to actually see time, making the passage of time obvious and tangible.

Simply set the Time Timer to the length of your activity. And as time elapses, the red-disk gradually gets smaller.

Use the Time Timer iPhone application to:
-> Keep meetings/ presentations on time and on track.
-> Help your kids focus on their homework, stick to practice schedules and assist with start/end of day routines.
-> Provide a sensitive time management solution for individuals with ADD, ADHD, Autism and other special needs.
-> Manage progress toward goals and agenda items.
-> Encourage autonomy and independence.

The Time Timer iPhone application offers three operating modes to suit your needs:
-> TRADITIONAL (Set red-disk between 0-60 minutes, repeat up to 99 times).
-> CUSTOM (Set yellow-disk between 0-12 hours, repeat up to 99 times).
-> CLOCK OVERLAY (Set between 0-12 hours, with analog clock face).

Features include:
-> Horizontal and vertical views. Orient iPhone or iPod Touch in any direction.
-> Digital time display overlay (optional).
-> Vibrate when timing complete (optional, iPhone only).
-> Audible signal when timing complete (optional).
-> 10 audible signals to choose from.

Price at time of review: $4.99

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