Tap N Learn – Learn to Spell is part of the Tap N Learn series of educational applications for kids and toddlers focusing on the Touch, See and Hear method of teaching using the Apple iPhone.

Learn to Spell is an application for teaching your child to spell and features words across 8 common categories that will keep your child occupied for hours.

The 8 categories are
(1) Animals,
(2) Household,
(3) Food,
(4) Plants,
(5) Body,
(6) Colors,
(7) Numbers and
(8) Vehicles

and contain a total of 85 words.

The 85 words are shown with high quality images, the words are also pronounced and spelt clearly so that your child will be able to understand and recognize them easily.

The application comes with 3 modes of learning:
(1) Learn Mode – Where the application will spell out the word and end with the pronunciation of the word. The child can tap on the image to repeat or tap on the next arrow to proceed to the next word.

(2) Practice Mode – Where the application will display the image of the word and the alphabets of the word will be randomly displayed at the bottom. The correct spelling will also be faintly displayed at the top. The child will need to drag the alphabets to the correct box at the top of the screen to form the word.

(3) Quiz Mode – Is the same as Practice Mode except that the correct spelling will not be displayed. Only when the child has spelt the word will the application show the correct spelling. If the child has spelt correctly, 1 point will be awarded.

It comes with an Achievements page to track and award the child for certain challanges the child has attained.

This application is suitable for kids 2 years and older.

It is fun, interactive and will definitely help the child in learning to spell common words and recognize alphabets.

Price at time of review: $0.99

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