The only app that offers a fun, interactive game to help kids develop their reading, writing and spelling skills using the proven Montessori method of learning and 300 different word-picture-audio combinations and letters sounds (phonics) !

★300 different word-picture-audio combinations
★ Letter Sound (phonics) when a letter is touched
★Three levels of phonetic difficulty appropriate for ages 3 to 8 (as defined in the Montessori method) – of course, older kids can also have fun and practice their spelling!
★Level 1 displays simple words for beginning readers.
★Levels 2 and 3 automatically create multi-word crosswords in tens of thousands of different combinations, encouraging unlimited repeat play.
★21 Fun and colorful interactive visual effects are displayed when a crossword is completed. Visual effects animate and change as they follow your child’s touch.
★Also included is a Movable Alphabet that allows open-ended activities for young children learning their letters. Letters can be rotated and resized to add to the fun.
★Packed with animations and sounds to create a fun and enjoyable experience!
★Children can play alone or with a parent. Includes instructions on how to use the game as an educational tool.
★Choose capital or lower-case letter display.
★Organize letters alphabetically or Montessori style (vowels first, followed by consonants).
★Displays the total number of completed words.
★Uses Montessori standard colors for vowels and consonants
★Universal App – works on your iPhone and iPad

Price at time of review:$2.99

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  1. pierre says:

    Thanks Gary! That’s the best demo I’ve ever seen of my app (even better than mine!)

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