Designed for the iPad, Jungle Coins is an incredibly easy, fun and interactive app that teaches kids coin math in a visual way, taking full advantage of the iPad’s large screen and HD quality.

Usability tested with kids ages 5 and up, Jungle Coins has proven to be tremendously effective at teaching kids coin math. Kids can identify coins and count money within minutes of play.

Easy to Use
● Easy to read, large, photo-real coins make learning coins a breeze.
● Flip coins to see both sides
● Rearrange coins into groups just like you would with real coins
● Just tap Shake for a new problem.

Fun and Interactive
● Animals come alive with smiles and roars as kids work through problems.
● Choose from many jungle animals and their sounds, including a Lion, Tiger, Elephant, Hippo, and Panda.
● The jungle theme, complete with animations, animal roars and sound effects, truly immerses kids in a deep and alive jungle.
● Get a jungle congratulation when you solve 5 in a row.

● No multiple choice means no guesswork – kids have to know the correct answer.
● Some apps just give you a limited set of problems – Jungle Coins lasts an eternity with fresh problems every time.
● Identify and Compare coins.
● Count coin value
● Reinforce coin skills by calculating correct change.
● Track progress with your Score. Parents/Teachers love this to see how kids are doing.
● Multiple levels of difficulty make learning fun and challenging. Start as a beginner with Level 1 – it only presents low denominations for easier coin math. Work your way up to an expert level with all coin denominations.
● Learn gives you an interactive tutorial on understanding each coin. It explains who is on each coin, and lets you flip coins to see both sides.
● Jungle Coins makes it easy to switch to other coin sets instantly and challenge you with unfamiliar coins.

(United States coin images from the United States Mint)
(Euro coin images copyright European Central Bank)

Price at time of review: $2.99

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