HD is jam packed with features and teaches the following skills:
• Numbers, letters (upper and lower case), and colors, spoken in English, Spanish, French, and German
• Spelling of numbers and colors in all four languages
• Basic shapes including squares, triangles, circles, ovals, parallelograms, and trapezoids,
• Compound shapes including cubes, pyramids, cones, wedges, concentric circles, and more
• World maps teach the shapes of our world
• Artistic expression, drawing and painting skills

Additional features include:
• Freestyle finger painting with Perfect Paint™, a patent-pending technology that makes it impossible for kids to paint outside the lines.
• World map includes map pins that identify continents and oceans, and link to a satellite view of the Earth
• Embedded live Google Map with pinch and zoom fully supported!
• In-app purchase of ten additional maps offered including map pins identifying the names of capital cities, states, territories, countries, continents, and oceans.
• Engaging and colorful drawings to paint that are more than more than 5 times larger than the iPhone version of 123 Color
• Select a 10 or 30 color pallet (10 for young children)
• English, Spanish, French or German voice-overs and alphabets included
• American, Australian, and British English voice-overs included
• Select up to two voice-overs to be spoken when numbers and colors are touched, and which you want spoken first
• Proper spelling of numbers and color names displayed in selected languages (for example, when 1 is touched, “One / Uno” is displayed when English and Spanish are selected)
• 23 sound effects
• 25 songs
• Individual (or all) songs and sound effects can be disabled
• Save or email artwork to friends and family without leaving 123 color

Price at time of review: $1.99

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