No childhood is complete without the classic Aesop’s Fables – well loved by kids and adults, everywhere!

GIFT your child with life’s most important and ageless morals, through short stories and fun games with Aesop’s animal characters! Stories include “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”, “The Hare and the Tortoise”, “Town Mouse & Country Mouse” etc.

– Inspired by “Wheel of Fortune”, “Wheel of Fables” is an awesome way for parents and kids to enliven bedtime story selection!
– Games to reward reading – bonus “Spot-The-Difference” games are unlocked with every fable read (above 5 fables).
– Available in English, Japanese, Chinese (simplified) and German.
– Comes with original English and Chinese audio tracks.
– Voice recording function (great for frequent-flying moms and dads)

Price at time of review: $4.99

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